So, this website is about a lifelong goal I have and the hope to connect with people who share a similar ambition.  Having been to several National Parks in the US, I’m hoping to visit all of these special places all over the world.  I’m hoping to start putting up travelogues of where I’ve been and the great places in those parks and have other people come in and add their experiences as well.  The US Park System alone is far more than one person can do in a lifetime (though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try) and the rest of the world isn’t lacking in awesome places either.

I don’t think I’ll be able to update this site very often as I won’t be able to visit more than one or two new places outside of my home of New England without a plane ride or long drive.  With that being said, I’m hoping to get the ball rolling by detailing previous adventures, highlights and recommendations that other people can build off of.  The thinking is that this becomes a group collaborated travelogue of the many special places out there that we’ve had the pleasure of visiting.  With that I leave you with a picture from my most recent trip to a National Park last September at Acadia National Park in Maine (at one of the most popular places in the park, the top of Cadillac Mountain):

Cadillac Mountain Summit View

Cadillac Mountain Summit View of Bar Harbor and its islands in Maine in September of 2012.

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